About Us


We are a Raw and Unfiltered clothing brand.

Which simply means, what you see is what you get. We say the things others are not brave enough to say. We reflect your inner thoughts in style by printing on our clothing the things you think but may not want to say.  We don’t give 2 F*cks! We’ve basically made it easy for you to make your statement loud and clear. 

Release your inner savage!

This brand was inspired by a women who was fed up of her kindness being mistaken for weakness. So she created Uncutidentity to help herself and you to break down walls and rise above the bullshit. She provided a platform to express her most inner thoughts without prejudice or fear.

Uncutidentity strives to elevate and eliminate suppression. This brand works to increase self-confidence and promoted Freedom of expression. Our clothing brand promotes equality and diversity. We produce clothing for Men, women and children of all backgrounds. We are also 100% LGBTQ+ friendly. Discrimination and hate are not what we stand for.

We stick up for ourselves selfs using the power of words and images. Uncutidentity cuts the crap and keeps it real.


Uncutidentity will not take responsibility if you choose to make your statement unwisely. Do not use our brand to promote hate in anyway, shape or form.