Black Lives Matter

We are BLACK, We are Beautiful, We are Strong, We are Smart!❤️✊🏾

You took us from our lands and brought us to yours. You made us built up your homes, your schools, your city’s FOR FREE and treated us like animals! Killed our fathers, brothers and uncles, Raped our mothers, sisters and aunties and Brainwashed (us) the children. We fought hard and long for our freedom and got it or at least one part of it. Because sadly we are still stuck being mentally and modern in slaved. And still we are being killed and Discriminated at. It’s Enough. We had Enough.

To all my black Brothers and Sisters wake up. Open your eyes. Stand up. Stand up NOW. Not Later But NOW. It’s time for a change. It’s time to get back what we OWN. Our rights to live, our freedom, our lands, our Kingdom’s. The time is now. Right Now!❤️ UNITED WE STAND✊🏾